For the past few years I've been developing and patenting a “shock-absorbing steering system” to improve the steering motion and shock-absorption of quad skates, skateboards and scooters (and anything else with wheels that steers by “swaying”).
I love skating outdoors on quads and most of my designs have been attempts to create the ultimate outdoor quad skate.
In this video I’m testing prototypes outside a hostel I stayed at in San Francisco:

I skated down some of the steepest hills in the city almost every day for 3 months, so it's a shame I didn't get any downhill skating footage to show how turning and sliding on these skates is much more similar to carving on skis than anything possible with traditional roller skates.
Here's my latest design:

I cast the the shock-absorbers in 60A shore-hardness urethane rubber, which seems to be the minimum hardness for great steering motion and lots of nice shock-absorption.
The urethane plastic used for the bases is very strong, but for the next few pairs of skates I think it will be easier if each base is simply 3d-printed instead of being cast in a silicone mould.
Thanks so much to Louise for being such a brilliant photographer!

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